Are Russians racist towards black people? My experience

Are Russians racist towards black people? My experience

My experiences travelling as a black woman in Russia.

On social media, you’re probably already aware that my husband and I spent 10 days in Moscow and St. Petersburg a few months back if you read this blog or follow me. ( perhaps Not after me personally on there yet? Get thee to my Facebook web web page or Instagram, stat!)

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Within the time since, I’ve gotten a whole lot of great interest and concerns from individuals about our journey. This really isn’t completely astonishing, because while Russia gets its reasonable share of site visitors, it’s not a destination that is hugely popular most holidaymakers.

That Russia is certainly not regarding the traveller’s that is average could possibly be as a result of a couple of facets. The current weather is brutally cold the majority of the 12 months, it offers a track record of being eye-wateringly costly, as well as its sordid political past (and unstable governmental future) allow it to be far more popular with holiday in tourist hubs positioned in nearby Western Europe. (In 2015, London and Paris had been ranked the 1st and 3rd many visited towns and cities in the entire world, correspondingly.)

More over, though it may be solely conjecture, Russians aren’t known being the warmest or friendliest people. Russia therefore continues to be mostly unexplored by the tourist population that is general.

Given most of the above, we totally have why people have an interest in our holiday that is russian interest arises from a location of not really once you understand. But aside from the regular “So, what’s it like?” concerns, my trip in addition has elicited lots of fascination from other black colored travellers whom ask, again and again, just just what it had been want to travel here as somebody who is melanin-blessed. Continue reading “Are Russians racist towards black people? My experience”