Bill Maher is from the phone, in which he’s unhappy

Bill Maher is from the phone, in which he’s unhappy

Television host and commentator Bill Maher brings their “politically wrong” model of comedy Nov. 12 to Shea’s Preforming Arts Center. (Picture by David Becker/WireImage)

“Real Time with Bill Maher” is broadcast go on Friday nights on HBO. (picture due to HBO)

The simple solution to state this will be he lives in a bubble: Bill Maher is really a famous comedian and commentator that is political. He’s situated in the Hollywood-opolis of glitz and smog it Los Angeles – where he hosts a live television show, “Real Time with Bill Maher, ” every Friday night on HBO– we call.

Then you may state he gets out from the bubble: Every few weekends, Maher does stand-up comedy around the nation, including a Nov. 12 show at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. The “Real Time” man parachutes into center America to meet up real-life people.

Invest a minutes that are few to Maher, however, and you’ll get this quickly: their bubbles aren’t the ones he’s residing in. These are typically the people he could be bursting.

Maher took time for you to talk regarding the phone on an afternoon that is recent. He previously just completed a “real time” meeting at their L.A. Workplace along with a quarter-hour to talk. The conversation was deflating — and that is by design. If you’d like to feel fuzzy about mankind, Maher just isn’t your man.

He began by referring to one of is own most subjects that are favorite the president. Whenever asked exactly what he has got learned all about America per year in to the Trump management, their muffled chuckle ended up being scarcely detectable over the telephone.

“That we’re hanging on, you understand? ” he said. “I guess the positive view would be that we’re still here. Together with pessimistic view – the only I simply just just take more often – could it be’s just 12 months one. Continue reading “Bill Maher is from the phone, in which he’s unhappy”