So what does “Exclusive” FWB Mean?

So what does “Exclusive” FWB Mean?

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Is not that a relationship? Long tale short – rekindled with exbf, he lives in a southern state and I’m within the north states…we’ve been buddies for more than 30 years; split up because I went along to college/he moved south; we’ve seen each other one per year when it comes to past four years.

This past year he asked how I would experience FWB and I also told him I’m fine with that…then he blurts away: “If you need to date other people though, i’d like to know and I’ll step from the picture. ” Yes, the detrimental to maybe not responding/asking as to the THAT designed. As FWB’s2018 we saw one another three times, maybe maybe not the conventional one time

It’s been 1-year as FWB’s (he’s been here/I’ve been there) sometimes we go out with no intercourse sometimes we spend time and eventually have intercourse. His phone calls/texts have actually increased regularity, he delivers me gift ideas and he’s making plans for tasks for 2019. Is this still FWB’s? I’m curious as to your ideas.

No, it is NOT relationship.

It indicates two different people who will be casually resting just with one another, until certainly one of you discovers the individual they really want a relationship that is actual. Continue reading “So what does “Exclusive” FWB Mean?”