Thailand Joins World Contraception Day 2018 Campaign To Tackle Teen Pregnancy

Thailand Joins World Contraception Day 2018 Campaign To Tackle Teen Pregnancy

Most research to date conceptualizes premarital sexual activities as risky behavior and reflects a hegemonic discourse that disapproves of the sexual activity of teenage girls. Despite the large body of research on sexual behavior of Thai teenagers, little is known about the ways in which teenagers engage in what is conceptualized as risky behavior. Therefore, the author sees the need to research the topic from the teenager’s perspective. Hormones, The Series is acclaimed as a TV series that explicitly portrays teenage life as lived by Thai youth today and includes counter-hegemonic representations of sexually active youth. This research project aims at analyzing the series through the lens of youth as a cultural construct, with a focus on intersections with Thai social constructs of gender roles and feminine sexuality. Textual analysis is employed to analyze the depiction of the main female protagonists. The author comes to the conclusion that seemingly counterhegemonic representations of sexually active teenage girls in Hormones, The Series still favor moralizing messages about feminity and teenage sex.

Thailand had 2.4 million new mothers aged 15 to 19 in 2012, and that number has grown ever since. Many base their actions on the assumption that teens are not sexually active. The good news is that the Public Health Ministry has acknowledged this is a major problem and has stepped up efforts to curb the rising pregnancy rate among teens. Alarmed by figures that show 5.38 per cent of those aged between 15 and 19 became pregnant in 2012, the ministry has decided to launch measures to tackle the issue, with a goal to reduce the rate to 5 per cent within two years.

The British strategy is mainly about better education and more access to contraception method. Some Thai officials also visited the UK to learn more about the strategy. For instance, they visited places providing contraception and advices to young people. Afterwards, Thailand will apply some key factors of the British strategy into its own national strategy.

Parents in particular should openly talk about sex with their children, to equip them with the correct knowledge. The adolescents were provided with sex education and knowledge about how to prevent unwanted pregnancy because socialising with friends from the opposite sex is normal for youth in this age group. Plus, due to the advanced information technology nowadays, teenagers are inevitably exposed to sexual-related materials and, eventually, get engaged in sexual relationships. At the present time the Sobsa News Team has membered 10 youth leaders joining in undertaking the activities with the support of their teachers in school – by planning and delegating the responsibilities according to a skill of each. An important activity is to create media and generate knowledge about sex education which includes giving a point of view on positive sexual knowledge to the students in school and 200 people in their community. The media they created were Kampaeng newspaper, poster, short film and riddle box for Q&A within school, and other related activities like school radio, school and community rally. Some adolescents may not have people to offer advice because their parents are busy with their work or divorced.

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In 2003 measures to legalise prostitution cited the Thai sex industry as being worth US$4.3 billion (about 3% of GDP) and employing roughly 200,000 sex workers. A study conducted in 2003 by Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University estimated 2.8 million sex workers, of which 1.98 million were adult women, 20,000 were adult men and 800,000 were children, defined as any person under the age of 18.

Meanwhile, some teenagers are afraid to talk about sex with their parents. Bangkok, 26 September 2018 – Public and private organizations in Thailand will join an international campaign to raise young people’s awareness of contraception, to be launched on 26 September 2018 when the world marks World Contraception Day.

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However, alternative venues such as go-go bars, beer bars, massage parlours, karaoke bars and bathhouses are governed by a separate law passed in 1966. These establishments are licensed and can legally provide nonsexual services such as dancing, massages, dates and drinking buddies. Sexual services often occur through these fronts, but it’s a legal grey area given that such services are not technically the businesses’ primary purpose. Throughout Thai history, sex work was accepted and common among many sectors of society, though it was never condoned or respected by society as a whole. With the arrival of the US military in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War era, enterprising forces adapted the then-existing framework to suit foreigners, in turn creating an international sex tourism industry that persists today. Urban job centres such as Bangkok have large populations of displaced and marginalised people (immigrants from Myanmar, ethnic hill-tribe members and impoverished rural Thais).

Altogether, 21 people have been prosecuted by the Criminal Court, according to the Bangkok Post. The Thai Criminal Court sentenced 6 people to prison for money laundering and investment fraud.

The sheer number of intimate lovers a teenager has formerly had does not replace the energy imbalance of the teen/adult relationship, nor does it get rid of the adult’s obligation to place the teen’s requirements above their very own desires. Grownups frequently make the error of considering a teenager’s skills in a single area and judging their“maturity that is whole predicated on that. We judge them as immature, and treat them such as for instance youngster which should be handled. Skilled at reading and responding to complex situations that are social? We judge them as mature, and treat them like a grown-up who is able to keep a burden that is full of and self-protection.

KidsHealth- Contains a lot of information about a whole range of health-related issues. Ms.Patcharee, a teacher who is responsible for the school activities, has given some comments that school is an important part, is able to support the students to undertake such a good activity and useful to their learning. From this activity the youth leaders have gained more skills on various terms i.e. presentation, media creation and a good teamwork. The school in Payao is one of the seven Extended Schools in the province who joins a campaign“Youths Combat Teen Pregnancy”have been implemented by Payao Child Development Center. Since , 50 child leaders have trained to be as the Youth leaders and educated about sex education as well as other skills on communication, various media i.e. newspaper, poster, short film etc. For three years, they have formed up“Sobsa News Team”to undertake the activities on creating media and communication – made known to common about sex education more effectively. The Children and Youth Council of Thailand has called on the media industry to stop publishing seductive photos of scantily-clad movie stars and teen idols, saying it sets a bad precedent.

Making a teen’s decisions for them is not helpful, but neither is certainly going along side whatever the teen thinks is just a good notion at the full time. Beginning during the early adolescence, the risk-taking and sensation-seeking elements of our minds actually kick into gear for many teenagers. This can be a part that is important of development into independent grownups that will help contour the entire world. Regrettably, the capacity to contemplate long-lasting consequences and reject our impulses as soon as we understand they’re a poor concept takes a whilst to get caught up. In reality, many people’s minds don’t completely develop with your skills until our mid-20s. From Lolita to “Don’t stay So near to Me,” Western culture has plenty of news about teenage girls adults that are pursuing sex.

In 1998 the International Labour Organisation advised Southeast Asian countries including Thailand to recognise sex work as an economic sector and income generator. It is estimated that a third of all establishments engaged with some form of sex work are registered with the government, and the majority pay an informal tax in the form of bribes.

Over the past three months, police found up to 700 websites offering sex services in Thailand, Maj Gen Surachet said. The Digital Economy and Society Ministry has been asked to close and block access to these websites, which are based both here and abroad.

The 6 defendants were involved with the Eagle Gates Group, a company which was found to be a front for transnational crime, according to the Department of Special Investigation. “We have found that the merchants have withdrawn money via the application but have no actual purchases made at their shops since the campaign started. The office is currently gathering data from other merchants who might have been running similar ploys and will ask police to investigate them as well. Read more headlines, reports & breaking news in North East Thailand. The three bars involved are Leo Karaoke and Nad Phob Karaoke, identified by the NGO to authorities, and a third , Don Kaew Karaoke. During the raids, which involved armed police, officers found several foreign tourists among the clientele.

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It may be followed by a lot of difficulties, such as abortion, broken families, abandoning children, premature labour and inadequate knowledge of children care. When they are excluded from education, they may miss more job opportunities and not be able to contribute to the economy. For the babies, they may have low birth weight and other health issues. Both the young mothers and babies will face physical, mental and social problems. As part of a nationwide initiative, sex education will be provided to Thai students as part of a program to reduce the number of teenage mothers. Teenage sexual activity and the negative consequences of unsafe sex have received public attention in Thailand.

Prof. Dr. Manopchai Thamkhantho noted that nearly all teenagers now communicate via online platforms, and this may in turn lead them to wrong information and poor advice about sexual health. Families, schools and healthcare practitioners should be the primary source of consultation.

Thailand, whose situation is being monitored by the international community, must “earn credibility in solving human trafficking”, Maj Gen Surachet said. The victim later made an escape and returned to her home province, but the procurer went after her and demanded she return teen thai sex to Pattaya. She accused the victim of stealing her money, prompting the victim’s family to file a police complaint which eventually led to the arrest of the procurer and the Indian customer. On June 5, police nabbed a young procurer and an Indian customer in Pattaya.

The teenage students skipped classes often and indulged in lavish lifestyles, Maj Gen Surachet said. The crime was exposed after police obtained information about the suspicious behaviour of some junior high school students in Nakhon Sawan. According to investigators, the 14-year-old victim is a native of the northeastern province of Ubon Ratchathani. She was lured through a Facebook page by the teenage procurer who ran a sex service ring in Pattaya.